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Maximising your property value!

Granny Flats are an investment property in your own backyard to maximise the potential of your yard for a realistic outlay. This type of investment has been proven over many years and now you can derive the benefits of generating an income from your own backyard. By maximising the potential of your own valuable land, you can have an extra income and also rise real value of your current property.

Looking for extra income?                                               
Maximising your property value?                                  
Creating useful studio or office?
Extra steady retirement income?

So turn your empty backyard into a money earner

Granny Flat 

We aim to help you and make it happen.

Step one – Contact us 1800 940 473
One of our friendly consultants can arrange to meet you on site to discuss whether your property is suitable for a granny flat.

Step two – Design your granny
We will take the time to understand your needs and ensure the design works. 
Once the design is finalised, materials are selected from one standard range and detailed costing will be provided. Our passion is functional design in a maximum area of 60sqm to play with for your Granny flat.

Step three – Obtain approval
You need to get a DA (Development Approval) from Local council/ Local Certificate, which should only take a couple of weeks. The necessary forms can be obtained at the council’s website. It is best to engage the help of our consultant, who can help with any required compliance.

Step four – Obtain finance
You should only need a maximum loan of around $ 100,000, but it is important to have your finances in order from day one. If you have sufficient equity in your PPOR, you should be able to finance it by increasing or refinancing your current loan. If you do not have enough equity, or you need the lender to consider the rental income from the flat, you may need to take out a construction loan.
There are two common methods for funding the construction of your granny flat:
A) Loan increase or equity loan
B) Construction Loan
Step five –  Construction
We only use licensed tradesmen and contractors ensuring your building project will be of the highest quality, built on time and within budget.


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